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A lightweight and supportive alternative to other meditation cushions on the market. The Manduka Meditation Cushion offers dual-sided support, with one side filled with recycled cotton & polyester, and the other side filled with organic buckwheat. Easy to clean by removing the outer microfiber cover from the inner pillow and just machine was cold. 

Give your guests the luxury of creating their personal meditation space in-room or before class in the studio or gym. A perfect addition to your in-room ammenities by offering your guests the ability to find pure relaxation during their stay with you. Inspiring through design and performance.

Product Details

  • Size: 15″ diameter x 5″ height /  38cm diameter x  12.7cm height
  • Weight:  1.9kg
  • Soft, plush, absorbent eQua micro-fiber fabric cover is soft and removeable for easy washing
  • Cushion is dual-sided so you can select your preferred support level
  • Inner pillow is OEKO-TEX certified, constructed of an organic cotton cover with an organic buckwheat filling on one side and a recycled cotton & polyester filling on the other


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