Life Fitness – SYNRGY

Life Fitness – SYNRGY

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SYNRGY is a small group training system that adds exerciser value to any facility. This custom configured product with its non-intimidating design allows a facility to truly meet the wants and needs of different exerciser types.

Product Details

The versatility of SYNRGY lies in the range of exercises and intensities that can be designed and executed creating group sessions that both support and inspire the end-user. Helping build both confidence and competence in those returning to exercise, as well as satisfying the desires of any hard-core exerciser. ​The SYNRGY system comes in an array of different unit designs that will enhance any facility small group training story. ​

When timetabled and delivered effectively, SYNRGY can deliver small group training events that contribute to building unique exerciser experiences. ​The SYNRGY units have been designed so that instructors can make the full use of the space provided to ensure that their teaching and interaction can be as influential as possible on both the group and individual. Thus, ensuring that every session meets its specific outcomes, facilitating that sense of belonging in the exerciser, as well as establishing the feelings of safety, enjoyment, trust and value that is required in the quest for member retention. Determine which SYNRGY product is right for your members with the various configurations for each of our SYNRGY90, SYNRGY180 and SYNRGY360 systems. Find out more about our SYNRGY range. ​


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