Leisure Plan – Dala

Leisure Plan – Dala

Leisure Plan – Outdoor Hotel Furniture / Exterior Hotel Furniture / Stylish Furniture for Hotels

Dala takes inspiration from the artisanship and improvised seating arrangements of the developing world. Surface and structure merge in this versatile collection by Stephen Burks, each piece starting as a powder-coated frame of aluminium mesh through which Dedon´s master weavers thread colourful strands of our revolutionary fibre.

Product Details

Comprised of circular lounge elements, DALA is easy-going yet artisanal, characterized by a weaving style so innovative and distinctive that it has been successfully patented. New for 2021, Stephen Burks’ award-winning collection welcomes five new colorways—rioja, cuba, bahamas, ubud, and ibiza—inspired by DEDON’s ongoing Tour du Monde, in addition to a club chair and plush new seating cushions. The exciting color palette, developed with renowned colorist Giulio Ridolfo, features signature DEDON tones in inspiring new combinations. The colors are available for the whole DALA range, from planter to lantern, footstool to lounge chair, and will replace the current offering. DEDON’s color worlds—light, dark, open, bright and warm —accommodate an alluring composition of tones and shades that coordinate beautifully across collections. DALA’s colors were developed in collaboration with Giulio Ridolfo, who has helped shape the DEDON palette over many years. White and natural, ‘ibiza’ sits comfortably within the light color world, whereas ‘rioja’—a warm hue that conveys elegance and ease—belongs to both the dark and warm color worlds. ‘bahamas’ is a sophisticated interplay of light and natural tones that’s at home within the open and light color worlds, and ‘cuba’ is a welcoming, lively shade from the bright and warm color world. Bold, engaging and intimate, ‘ubud’ belongs to the dark and open color worlds. By traversing through these color worlds, DALA’s colorways extend not only to the whole collection, but to almost any outdoor scenario you can imagine—from cosmopolitan sky bars to beachside villas, alpine farmhouses to desert retreats.


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