Lamler Ltd – Textile decorations

Lamler Ltd – Textile decorations

Lamler Ltd – Luxury Goods for Hotels / Hotel Uniform Manufacturer / Bespoke Hotel Cushions / Bespoke Hotel Installations

Lamler is fully equipped to make bespoke textile decorations all made in Devon. From traditional bunting both plain, printed, embroidered or appliqué to more experimental sewn decorations. Using textiles in this way is an interesting direction to address core and branded decorations which can be used over a period of years, making these concepts a more environmentally friendly option.

Product Details

Lamler can create any fabric constructed decoration you maybe looking for. From all sizes, material types, edge details, patterned, whether printed, appliqué or even embroidered. From the most obvious traditional bunting to luxury flags these concepts can be taken into so many other areas too. From interesting room dividers, awning trims, parasol detailing and even luxury Christmas decorations. With the ability to create or source any fabric you want to use, a plethora of beautiful trims to select from, fabric decorations are light weight, have visual impact, are long lasting and a environmentally more friendly option.


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