Kiosk – Wallmount

Kiosk – Wallmount

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Effective Semi-Outdoor Kiosk Wallmount Ideal for Wall mounting

Product Details

Redefine guest experiences with Wallmount – the trailblazing semi-outdoor hospitality check-in kiosk revolutionising unattended self-service check-ins for small hotels. Seamlessly merge, cutting-edge tech with visitor convenience, empowering guests to breeze through check-ins effortlessly, anytime.

Boasting an intuitive 23.8″ touchscreen, Wallmount guides users to select bookings or scan confirmation QR codes with ease. The integrated payment device ensures frictionless transactions, while the room access card dispenser delivers a smooth, efficient finale. Experience hospitality innovation at its finest with Wallmount – a semi-outdoor marvel redefining check-ins.

Strategically sheltered under protective canopies, this kiosk blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries, offering unrivalled convenience while withstanding the elements. Embrace the future of guest satisfaction and operational efficiency with Wallmount – your ultimate concierge 24/7.

Key Features

• Interactive touchscreen: 23.8″ PCAP multi-touch for responsive UI.

• Thermal system: Heating and passive cooling.

• Scanners: QR code and barcode reader.

• Integrated tech: Thermal printer 80mm, card dispenser.

• User-friendly: Intuitive self check-in/out experience.

• Integrated tech: Highly integrated with card recycler, printer, passport/ID scanner, payment devices.

• Robust security: Enhanced through AI-powered ID authentication and verification.

Efficient: Reduces queues and friction, elevates guest experience.

• Support services: Installation, aftercare, software integration.

While our platform leverages APIs to enable connectivity with all major vendors, all software integrations are fully reviewed to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

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