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The janitorial cart is a mobile cleaning station equipped with various tools and supplies to facilitate efficient cleaning in hotels and other commercial and institutional settings.

It features a durable mobile platform, constructed with sturdy materials, ensuring durability for frequent use. It includes compartments and shelves for holding cleaning agents, paper towels, trash bags, and other supplies. It provides enough space to carry a mop wringler bucket.

The vinyl bag, securely attached, serves as a durable and easily cleanable container for collecting trash and discarded items during cleaning tasks. The accompanying lid helps contain odors, prevent spills and keep the contents of the bag concealed and secure.

Its design aims to enhance organization and accessibility, allowing staff to move easily between tasks while carrying essential cleaning materials.

Product Details

Janitorial Cart with vinyl bag.

Material: Recycle Polypropylene, A3 steel, PVC

Wheels: 2 x 3″ – 2 x 8″, without brakes

Janitorial Cart BU1:

  • With Lid
  • Color: Blue – Yellow Vinyl bag
  • Product Size: 44″ x 19″ x 39″
  • Box Size: 35″ x 10″ x 19″
  • N.W.: 22 lbs
  • G.W.: 25 lbs

Janitorial Cart GR1:

  • Without Lid
  • Color: Grey – Yellow Vinyl bag
  • Product Size: 44″ x 19″ x 38″
  • Box Size: 35″ x 10″ x 19″
  • N.W.: 21 lbs
  • G.W.: 24 lbs

Janitorial Cart BK1:

  • With Lid
  • Color: Black – Yellow Vinyl bag
  • Product Size: 52″ x 33″ x 39″
  • Box Size: 41″ x 24″ x 11″
  • N.W.: 34 lbs
  • G.W.: 38 lbs


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