Inwerk GMBH – Masterlift® 5 sit-stand desk

Inwerk GMBH – Masterlift® 5 sit-stand desk

Inwerk GmbH – Office and Conference Furniture

Electric height-adjustable to 1340 mm, the Masterlift® 5 offers the user an ergonomic workstation and supports healthy movement patterns. It is also extremely stable. The drive technology impresses with its lifting power, adjustment speed and minimal power consumption. This height-adjustable desk was awarded the "Focus Open" international design prize in 2020 for above-average design quality. Its filigree construction of solid 15 mm steel gives it a strikingly attractive appearance. The version with chrome-plated foot brackets has an elegant look.

Product Details


  • Foot extensions made of 15mm steel
  • The flush welded seams of the foot stabilisers give the impression of being cast from a single mould
  • Square lifting columns 70 x 70mm with integrated motors
  • Three-fold telescope
  • Sturdy and stable: Panel support made of solid flat steel panels
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable and PVC-free


  • Linear drive with two motors from a market-leading manufacturer
  • Super soft start-stop
  • Very quiet operation: <47dB
  • Height adjustment range: 710 -1370 mm approx.
  • “Piezo” collision sensor with improved response characteristics
  • Certified drive: ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3, EC DC 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95EC, UL 508 : 1999 R7.05, UL 1004 : 1994 R3.06, TÜV

Frame colour

  • Foot stabiliser black or chrome-plated
  • Lifting column black or chrome-plated
  • Frame in black RAL 9005

Measurements (in mm)

  • W 1600 x D 1600
  • W 1800 x D 1600
  • W 1800 x D 1800
  • W 2000 x D 1600
  • W 2200 x D 2000

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