iLoveEcoEssentials – Tooth Twigs Toothpicks

iLoveEcoEssentials – Tooth Twigs Toothpicks

Eco Hotel Amenities / Natural & Organic Hotel Amenities – iLoveEcoEssentials is a simple, sustainable hotel amenities brand!

Toothpicks made of bamboo! Why is Bamboo so sustainable? It can grow up to 1m. per day without use of pesticides.  

  Why we love it:
• Made of bamboo, world´s most sustainable wood
• It’s all biodegradable
• A smile with poppy seeds doesn´t look good on anyone ;)
• Looks cool as a western-type chewy stick

Product Details

Toothpicks made of bamboo! Why is Bamboo so sustainable? It can grow up to 1m. per day without use of pesticides.
FSC certified.

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