iLoveEcoEssentials – Cosy Toes Slippers

iLoveEcoEssentials – Cosy Toes Slippers

Eco Hotel Amenities / Natural & Organic Hotel Amenities – iLoveEcoEssentials is a simple, sustainable hotel amenities brand!

Winky slippers made of natural fibers, and recycled PU sole. Label in stone paper printed with soy ink and wrapped in waste plastic.

Why we love them:
• Who doesn’t love to wake up to a little wink ;)
• Re-use them! Extra padding on the heels, wear them over & over again
• Selfie shoe, perfect for social media
• So cool you want to bring them home!
• They send positive vibes all the way from toe to head

Product Details

PRINTED ON THE LABEL: We´ll keep your toes warm and happy during your stay! And please please please take us with you when you leave – we´ll keep up the good work in your home, and the hotel won´t have to throw us out ;)…they REALLY don´t like producing waste!

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