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IKC Play – Activity Wall / Experience Wall

IKC Play – Activity Wall / Experience Wall

IKC Play | International Kids Concepts

This interactive wall is available in two editions; the Activity Wall and the Experience Wall.

The Activity Wall focuses on getting children to move and train their reflexes. Whenever a random button lights up and is pressed, the player scores a point and another button lights up. The score is kept on a counter, and at the end of the game, players can see how many points they have gained.

The Experience Wall also has large illuminated buttons that can be pressed, after which fun sound effects can be heard. This example of a Jungle themed Experience Wall contains animals and their respective sounds. A special way to bring nature closer!

These interactive walls can be expanded with more buttons in sets of eight.

We can create any design with any sound effects you like. From a bustling city center, to a serene forest, everything is possible!

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