Herbalea – Organic Hemp Cooking Oils

Herbalea – Organic Hemp Cooking Oils

Herbalea – Hemp Food for Hotels / CBD Hotel Cosmetics / Vegan Organic Hotel Food

Product highlight

  • 250ml Organic Hemp Cooking Oil
  • For natural & healthy dishes
  • Natural, nutty taste
  • Cold pressed hemp seed oil for steaming & stewing
  • Ideal also for salad dressings & raw food dishes
  • 100% pure nature from certified organic production
  • Kosher certified
  • Available in three different variations
    • Pure Hempseed Oil
    • Hempseed Oil with Lemongras
    • Hempseed Oil with Chili

Product Details

Herbalea Organic Hemp Cooking Oils – With best regards from Mother Nature Good, healthy food keeps body and soul together. Get Organic Hemp Cooking Oils from Herbalea in your kitchen and use it every day. The valuable, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oils are rich in important Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and refines your food with mild nutty hemp flavors. One bottle contains 250ml Organic Hemp Cooking Oil. Our Organic Hemp Cooking Oil is kosher certified. What makes our Organic Hemp Cooking Oils so unique With every drop of Organic Hemp Cooking Oils from Herbalea you will enjoy 100% nature. The hemp plants from which we extract the hemp seeds come from certified organic cultivation. They are harvested by hand and hand-picked so that only the best quality raw materials are used. Our organic hemp seeds are grown in Austria and gently cold pressed. Afterwards the oil is filled and labelled with great care by hand in Switzerland. For connoisseurs, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oils are among the finest of all edible oils. The darker the oil is, the more intense and nutty is its taste. Hemp seed oil contains unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in a perfectly balanced ratio of 1:3. Omega 6 can also be obtained from numerous other vegetable oils. Omega 3, however, is a marine fatty acid that is mainly found in high-fat cold-water fish such as salmon or tuna. If you are on a vegan diet or do not eat fish for other reasons, hemp seed oil is an excellent alternative. Furthermore, hemp seed oil is rich in alphalinolenic acid and convinces with a high content of phytosterols, tocopherols and chlorophyll. It contains vitamins E, B1 and B2, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium and the trace elements iron, manganese, zinc and copper. What ingredients are included in our Organic Hemp Cooking Oils

  • Organic hemp seed oil
  • Organic Lemon Grass
  • Organic Chilli

We consistently avoid aroma additives, flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives, colorants and additives. All ingredients come from Austrian, certified organic cultivation. Organic Hemp Cooking Oils from Herbalea is rich in natural ingredients, vegan, lactose and gluten free. Our Organic Hemp Cooking Oils are kosher certified. Nutritional values Ø/100g energy value (KJ / kcal): 3367/819

  • saturated fatty acids: 9.4g
  • monounsaturated fatty acids: 82.1g

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