Herbalea – Organic Hemp Protein

Herbalea – Organic Hemp Protein

Herbalea – Hemp Food for Hotels / CBD Hotel Cosmetics / Vegan Organic Hotel Food

Product highlight

  • 450g organic hemp protein
  • Vegan, lactose-free, nutrient-rich and versatile
  • For efficient muscle building
  • Supportive for fat loss
  • Excellent for your daily smoothie, shake or juice
  • 100% pure nature from certified organic production
  • Free from THC & CBD
  • Kosher certified

Product Details

Organic Hemp Protein – For those who want to enhance their day with a natural source of protein. Vegan, lactose-free, nutrient-dense, and versatile, hemp protein is the ideal nutritional supplement for anyone looking to efficiently build muscle and lose fat despite a vegan lifestyle. One package contains 450g of Organic Hemp Protein. Guaranteed free of CBD & THC. Kosher certified. What makes our Organic Hemp Protein so unique. With our hemp protein from organic hemp seeds you enjoy 100% pure nature. The seeds come from German, certified organic cultivation. We use only selected EU hemp varieties such as Fedora 17, Uso 31, Earlina 8FC and Futura. For our hemp protein, organic hemp seeds are partially de-oiled in Germany by gentle cold pressing, finely ground, packaged fresh from the mill and labeled at our facility in Switzerland. The hemp protein contains about 50% vegetable protein with all essential amino acids and a high fiber content (about 20%). Vegetable protein can be absorbed particularly easily by the body due to its biological value. In addition to its high protein content, our organic hemp protein is also a first-class supplier of essential fatty acids. Hemp protein helps build muscle and supports you as an ideal companion for weight loss. Protein is a nutrient that is essential for sustainable muscle building. Especially when losing weight, it is important to ensure that the body continues to absorb enough protein. Often this is done by taking whey proteins, the so-called Whey proteins. However, if you are vegan, this option is denied to you and you will struggle to find a suitable protein source. Our protein-rich organic hemp protein from controlled organic cultivation offers you the perfect opportunity to take in sufficient proteins for your muscle build-up or to simplify the preservation of muscle mass when losing weight. What ingredients are contained in our Organic Hemp Protein Hemp seeds, ground Nothing else! Unlike Herbalea’s organic hemp flour, the ground hemp seeds from which our organic protein powder is made are not only de-oiled, but also technologically freed from certain dietary fibers. This increases the protein content to 50%. We consistently refrain from flavor additives, flavor enhancers and additives. Herbalea Organic Hemp Protein is free of preservatives, colorants or synthetically produced flavors. It is vegan, lactose-free and nutrient-rich – ideal for a healthy and vegan diet. Our Organic Hemp Protein is kosher certified. Nutritional values Ø/100g Energy value (KJ / kcal): 1468/352 Fat: 11.2g thereof – saturated fatty acids: 0.3g – monounsaturated fatty acids: 1.3g – polyunsaturated fatty acids: 8.1g Carbohydrates: 4.0g – of which sugar: 3.1g Dietary fiber: 18.0g Protein: 49.5g Salt: 0.2g

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