Herbalea – Organic Hemp Noodles

Herbalea – Organic Hemp Noodles

Herbalea – Hemp Food for Hotels / CBD Hotel Cosmetics / Vegan Organic Hotel Food

Product highlight

  • 250g Organic Hemp Noodles
  • Für einzigartige Spiralnudeln-Gerichte
  • 6-8 Minuten in gesalzenem, kochendem Wasser gar kochen
  • Geeignet zu würzigen Saucen, Aufläufen und Salaten
  • Einzigartige Mischung aus Hanfmehl & Hartweizengries
  • 100% Natur pur aus zertifizierter Bio-Produktion
  • Frei von THC & CBD
  • Kosher certified

Product Details

Organic Hemp Noodles – The pasta that can do anything with you One-pot pasta, casseroles, salads or bowls – hardly any pasta is more versatile than the spiral pasta, also called fusilli or spirelli. Its spiral shape allows it to absorb sauces particularly well. With our vegan Organic Hemp Noodles made from high-quality durum wheat and edible hemp flour, you bring variety to the table. The pleasant nutty taste will delight you. One package contains 250g Organic Hemp Noodles. Guaranteed CBD & THC free. Kosher certified. What makes our Organic Hemp Noodles so unique When it has to be hearty, our Organic Hemp Noodles are an absolute insider tip. The pleasantly nutty, full-bodied taste is always retained, no matter which preparation method you choose. Cooked spiral noodles are often used for pasta gratins, pasta salads and pasta pans, because they absorb sauces particularly well due to their spiral shape. According to old lore, they have been doing this since 1550, when the so-called “spirelli” were invented by accident at the court of the Duke of Florence. The duke’s son wrapped pasta dough that had fallen on the floor around his grandmother’s knitting needle. So much for the legend. In any case, the fact is that our Organic Hemp Noodles made from organic hemp flour are full of valuable nutrients such as vitamins, protein, minerals and fiber. And that you enjoy 100% nature! Both the high-quality durum wheat and the edible hemp flour come from certified organic cultivation. The flour is made from unpeeled hemp seeds of the EU varieties Fedora 17, Uso 31, Earlina and Futura. All organic raw materials are grown in Austria and packaged with great care in Switzerland. What ingredients are contained in our Organic Hemp Noodles Organic durum wheat grits Organic hemp flour (5%) Nothing else! We consistently do without flavourings, flavour enhancers and additives. All ingredients come from Austrian, certified organic cultivation. Organic Hemp Noodles from Herbalea are rich in natural nutrients and lactose-free. They are made without the addition of egg and are therefore ideal for vegan diets. Our Organic Hemp Noodles are kosher certified. Nutritional values Ø/100g Energy value (KJ / kcal): 1503/355 Fat: 1.7g thereof – saturated fatty acids: 0.3g – monounsaturated fatty acids: 0.2g – polyunsaturated fatty acids: 0.9g Carbohydrates: 69.9g – of which sugar: 3.5g Dietary fiber: 5.1g Protein: 12.5g Salt: 0.06g

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