Herbalea – Organic Hemp Goji Muesli

Herbalea – Organic Hemp Goji Muesli

Herbalea – Hemp Food for Hotels / CBD Hotel Cosmetics / Vegan Organic Hotel Food

Product highlight

  • 425g Organic Hemp Goji Muesli
  • Vegan, lactose & sugar free, nutritious and versatile
  • Supportive for efficient muscle building
  • For a consistent fat loss
  • Excellent for your daily bowl of yogurt or milk
  • 100% pure nature from certified organic production
  • Free of THC & CBD
  • Kosher certified

Product Details

Organic Hemp Goji Muesli – For those who want to add a pinch of healthy “happiness” to their muesli routine Vegan, nutrient-rich, lactose- and sugar-free – Our Organic Hemp Goji Muesli is the ideal alternative for anyone who wants to start their day with a superfood muesli rich in energy. One package contains 425g Organic Hemp Goji Muesli. Guaranteed free of CBD & THC. Kosher certified. What makes our Organic Hemp Goji Muesli so unique The goji berry (lat. Lycium barbarum), also called buckthorn fruit, wolfberry or in China “lucky berry”, is characterized by a variety of active plant substances. In particular, it contains a lot of vitamin A (as beta-carotene), vitamin C and vitamin E, which is very rarely found in fruits, as well as a high value of vitamin B. In addition, the goji berry contains such a high proportion of iron that 50 grams of goji berries already cover a substantial portion of the daily iron requirement of an adult person. The function of the goji berry as a dietary supplement for athletes should not be underestimated: The goji polysaccharides contained in the berry help the muscles to remove metabolic waste that accumulates in the muscles during exercise. However, our organic hemp goji muesli is not only characterized by the extremely healthy goji berries. In addition to various healthy cereal flakes (spelt, barley, corn as well as oats), hulled hemp seeds, which are rich in essential amino acids as well as unsaturated fatty acids, complement the composition of the muesli. The list of ingredients of our organic hemp goji muesli is rounded off by the also very healthy cranberries. These are rich in vitamins A and C – both of which support vision and the immune system. In addition, cranberries contain valuable antioxidants and secondary plant compounds – these can protect the vessels and cells of the human body from aging and effectively help prevent disease. What ingredients are in our Organic Hemp Goji Muesli

  • Whole oat flakes
  • Barley flakes
  • Whole spelt flakes
  • Whole corn flakes
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Goji berries dried 6%
  • Cranberries dried
  • Hemp seeds peeled 3.5%
  • Apple pieces dried
  • Nothing else!
  • Free from nuts.

We consistently avoid flavor additives, flavor enhancers and additives. Herbalea’s Organic Hemp Goji Muesli is free of preservatives, colors or synthetically produced flavors. It is vegan, lactose-free and nutrient-rich – ideal for a healthy and vegan diet. Our Organic Hemp Goji Muesli is kosher certified. Nutritional values Ø/100g Energy value (KJ / kcal): 1592/378 Fat: 9.0g thereof – saturated fatty acids: 1.09g Carbohydrates: 57.7g – of which sugar: 7.14g Dietary fiber: 9.8g Protein: 11.8g Salt: 0.65g

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