Hotel Applicant Tracking System

Harri – Attendance Tracking

Harri – Attendance Tracking

Harri – Hotel Applicant Tracking System / Hotel Workforce Management Solution / Hotel Talent Acquisition Software

Harri’s Time & Attendance technology uses facial recognition to track time and attendance, eliminating the risk of buddy punching and time theft. With the rise of regulatory enforcement in wage and hour rules, Harri allows you to leverage technology to proactively and confidently manage compliance. 

Product Details

Biometric Time Clock

Using facial-recognition technology, biometrically control your time & attendance environment to confidently control shift behaviors.

  • Allow employees to clock-in and out of shifts using facial recognition technology to eliminate the risk of buddy punching and time theft.
  • Administrate permissions and rules for early, late, or unscheduled shifts that occur at the point of clock-in or out.
  • The TeamHub App is available for iOS and Android tablets and integrates with a number of POS systems.

Timesheet Compliance

With the rise of regulatory enforcement in wage and hour rules, leverage technology to proactively and confidently manage compliance.

  • Surface alerts to managers and team members for early and late clock-in or out, unscheduled shifts, missed clock-in or out, and overtime-related events.
  • Access punch management, sick leave, pay, and time data in a single system of record.
  • At the point of clock-in or out, push timecard adjustments to team members to agree or disagree with change(s) to mitigate compliance repercussions.

Communications, Feedback & Announcements

Engage your team members at the most opportune time with messages, alerts, surveys, and much more.

  • Gather employee sentiments regarding the quality of their shift, overall satisfaction, menu performance, and much more to maintain an informed sense of what’s happening on the front lines.
  • Push alerts and messaging about new menu items, specials, events, and much more to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest.
  • Upload all forms of media to deploy your communications in the best possible format.

Rest Break & Deduction Management

Confidently manage meal and rest break-related processes and drive compliance through action-oriented behaviors.

  • Define the break frequency and number of minutes granted to a team member.
  • Enable approval conditions for early or late clock-in with or without a manager’s approval at the time of a scheduled break.
  • Grant team members the option to take unpaid breaks and digitally confirm when they waive untaken breaks.


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