Harri – Applicant Tracking System

Harri – Applicant Tracking System

Harri – Hotel Applicant Tracking System / Hotel Workforce Management Solution / Hotel Talent Acquisition Software

Harri's applicant tracking system features mobile-friendly candidate management, timely communications, and effortless interview scheduling. Using Harri, you can organize and filter applicants by assigning tags, groups, and notes to their profiles.

Our speedy screening functionality allows you to accept or reject candidates in a matter of seconds. The interview scheduling process is simplified by allowing candidates to choose availability digitally on a self-select form.

Product Details

From mobile-friendly candidate management, and timely communications to effortless interview scheduling, we provide the tools that help you deliver a more delightful applicant management experience.

Screening & Interview Management

Streamline your recruitment efforts with our hospitality-centric applicant tracking system.

  • Organize and filter applicants by assigning tags, groups, and notes to their profiles.
  • Accept or reject candidates in a matter of seconds with our speedy screening functionality.
  • Simplify the scheduling process by letting candidates choose availability digitally on a self-select form.

SMS Candidate Communications

Ensure that candidates are being engaged with the right message, at the right time, and in the right place to hire better talent faster.

  • Communicate with your candidates over text message and live chat at scale.
  • Accelerates time to hire with natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Reduce the time it takes to hear back from your candidates and build personal relationships to increase the probability of hiring great talent.

Video Interviews

Streamline the interview process and modernize your approach to scheduling, managing, and efficiently evaluating candidates in a unified platform.

  • Reduce the time to hire and replace tasks like screening, resume review, and calendar coordination by activating video interviews.
  • Drive better decision-making with a standardized interview process that helps evaluate candidates based on their potential in a side-by-side format.
  • Offer unparalleled flexibility to candidates to tell their story on their own time, anywhere, and on any device to improve the candidate experience.

Hiring Manager App

Time kills all hires. Empower hiring managers with the ability to recruit on the go.

  • Hiring managers can create, post, and distribute jobs from the app.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews by interfacing with the standardized questions and log interview performance in real time.
  • Communicate directly with candidates at every stage of the hiring process to keep them engaged and drive a timely, positive candidate experience.

Carri Chat & Apply

Carri can streamline the application process, identify the ‘right talent’ your team should be devoting time to, and simplify interview coordination by managing the booking and logistics required.

  • Customise questions or content by location, brand, or role to ensure the screening process is aligned and optimised for every interaction.
  • Carri remains as a real-time resource to communicate additional details about the team, benefits, and culture with the candidate.
  • Automate the activities, communications, and helpful reminders that the hiring manager would otherwise be responsible for before the interview.


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