Gin in Miniatures form the Highlands of Scotland

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Gordon Castle Premium Award-Winning Gin.
A crisp, elegant and refreshing gin with a lovely clean palate, subtle notes of lavender linger in the back of the nose and within the mouth. Garden mint comes into focus helping promote the clean and refreshing character. 43% ABV. It contains gin and a mix of garden botanicals from our award winning eight-acre walled garden in the Northeast Scotland. available in miniatures 5cl x 12
Gordon Castle Raspberry Gin is our most popular of our flavoured gins. This boutique gin is rich in flavour from our homegrown, Victorian walled garden raspberries, gently ripened by the Highland sun. Perfect for a raspberry gin cocktail or a fruit gin alternative. 27% ABV available in miniatures 5cl x 12 Gordon Castle Plum Gin Made from our very own variety of Gordon Castle plums, with ancient roots grown in our historic walled garden in Speyside. Similar to damson gin and infused by our award-winning Gordon Castle Gin, this boutique gin is one for all gin lovers. Not overly sweet, this liqueur is perfect for the sophisticated palette. 27% ABV available in miniatures 5cl x 12


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