Folded Hand Towels

Folded Hand Towels

Distinct Disposables

Ideal for all hotel washrooms, our hand towel range offers a range of 1 ply/2 ply towels.  Which are high absorbency and retains their strength when wet, minimising the amount of towels used in even the busiest washrooms.

Product Details

V-Fold Hand Towels – 2 Ply, White, Pure Pulp, 250mm x 210mm, 3000 Sheets

Z-Fold Hand Towels, 2 Ply, White, Pure Pulp, 235mm x 240mm, 3000 Sheets

V-Fold Hand Towels – 1 Ply, Blue/Green, Recycled, 246mm x 222mm, 3600 Sheets or 5000 Sheets

Z-Fold Hand Towels – 1 Ply, Blue, Recycled, 230mm  x 240mm, 3000 Sheets

C-Fold Hand Towels – 1 Ply, Blue/Green, 248mm x 217mm, 2880 Sheets

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