FIG Products Ltd – Sweet Cheeks 5-ply

FIG Products Ltd – Sweet Cheeks 5-ply

FIG Products Ltd – Eco Hotel Toilet Paper / Sugarcane Toilet Rolls / Sugarcane Hand Towels

The most luxurious toilet roll in our range and the UK's first ever 5-ply toilet roll! It really makes a statement coming off the roll with super-sized sheets that are a plush 5 layers of silky-soft sugarcane paper. It is slightly wider than standard rolls and the sheets are longer than standard at 14 cm long. Even though it's super-sized and super thick, it still breaks down in 4 seconds when flushed to help prevent blocked drains. 

Made from sustainable sugarcane paper, the sugar is extracted first for the food industry, then the left-over plant is made into toilet paper. More sustainable than bamboo as it is a by-product.

Product Details

There are 24 rolls of 5-ply sugarcane toilet roll per carton and each roll has 170 sheets/roll.

Carton size: 480 mm long x 360 mm wide x 241 mm high

Toilet roll size (individually wrapped): 12.0 cm roll width x 12.5 cm diameter x 170 sheets long

Product code: SWC005


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