FIG Products Ltd – Sweet Cheeks 2-ply Sugarcane Toilet Roll

FIG Products Ltd – Sweet Cheeks 2-ply Sugarcane Toilet Roll

FIG Products Ltd – Eco Hotel Toilet Paper / Sugarcane Toilet Rolls / Sugarcane Hand Towels

Sweet Cheeks 2-ply sugarcane toilet roll is made from the left-over sugarcane plant after the sugar has been extracted. It is super-soft and breaks down after 4 seconds when flushed, helping to prevent blocked drains. It also has zero plastic packaging and even the adhesive tape is made from paper.

Product Details

With a huge 400 sheets per roll, you will waste far less, meaning you save more! Most domestic-style toilet rolls have 170 sheets per roll and if your staff are replacing them when there are 50 sheets left on the roll, you are only using 120 sheets/roll and throwing away 50 sheets. This is 29% wastage! If your staff do the same with our 400 sheet rolls, you are using 350 sheets/roll & throwing away 50 sheets. This is 12.5% wastage! Reducing your wastage from 29% to 12.5% together with our super competitive pricing means that in most cases you will be saving money & going sustainable!

There are 24 double-length rolls per carton and each roll has 400 sheets/roll so each carton has 9,600 sheets in it.

Carton size: 445 mm long x 340 mm wide x 222mm high

Toilet roll size (individually wrapped): 10.5 cm roll width x 11.5 cm diameter x 400 sheets long

Product code: SWC002


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