EVC – 22kW Fast Charger

EVC – 22kW Fast Charger

EVC – Hotel EV Charging / EVC for Hotels / Hotel Vehicle Charging Facilities

EVC's latest EV charger offers a sleek design possessing power output of between 7kW to 22kW. With an average charging time of between 2 - 6 hours, EVC's fast charger lends itself perfectly to destinations where users typically see a longer dwell time, such as an overnight stay at a hotel.

EVC's fast charger comes with dual socket capabilities meaning two cars can charge from the same unit at the same time. This includes load management technology to ensure there is efficient charging without excessive pressure on the grid.

As part of EVC's solution, the chargers are fully maintained and upgraded in-line with technological advancements within the industry.

Product Details

7kW to 22kW to suit hotel dwell times

  • Simple – The EVC fast charger was designed to put the user first. User-friendly with simple app payments.
  • Scalable – You don’t want disruption to your hotel. That is whay when we install your initial chargers, we also install the infratructure to seamlessly deploy additional chargers as EV demand grows, without any extra excavation work.
  • Reliable – With a 99% uptime, any faults that do occur can generally be fixed remotely within minutes.


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