ETTLIN LUX – Ambiloom® Table Lamp 245

ETTLIN LUX – Ambiloom® Table Lamp 245

ETTLIN LUX® – Hotel Mirror Lighting / Bespoke Luminaires / Custom Frame Systems

Ambiloom® Table Lamp 245: Handcrafted, textile table lamp with light effect.

Desinged in Germany - Handmade in Europe

The handcrafted textile table lamp with lighting effect impresses not only with its unique design but also with high-quality materials and a special tactile feel. It becomes a stylish highlight in every hotel room, bar or restaurant – even when turned off.

  • Unique light effect through the Lux-textile from Germany.
  • Stylish design object even when turned off.
  • 3 brightness modes and continuously dimmable via touch panel.
  • High-quality solid wood base made of American walnut or bright oak.
  • Long battery life of 15 hours on the highest setting.

Product Details

  • Available in four different colours: black, grey, beige, rosé
  • Sustainable and efficient thanks to long-lasting LEDs with a lifespan of 10,000 hours.
  • customizable according to your needs.


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