ETTLIN LUX® – Ambiloom® Floor 250

ETTLIN LUX® – Ambiloom® Floor 250

ETTLIN LUX® – Hotel Mirror Lighting / Bespoke Luminaires / Custom Frame Systems

Ambiloom® Floor 250 is a floor luminaire with a noble textile surface between metal rings shaped by hand. The luminaire gives your room both functional and ambient light in the form of the well-known LUX effect.

Also available as Ambiloom® Floor 250 beige.

Product Details

The ambient light effect with a color temperature of 2,700 K (warm white) creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. In addition to ambient lighting, the floor lamp gives a functional light facing upwards to illuminate the room.  The ambient lighting and the uplight cannot be controlled separately. To control the uplight separately please use appropriate E27 bulbs e.g. Smart Bulbs. The floor lamp has a total height of about 1.50 m and a total diameter of about 700 mm. The body has a diameter of 200 mm and a height of 250 mm. The entire luminaire weighs about 5 kg and comes with a black cable that is approx. 3 m long.

Decorative items shown in the product images are not included in the delivery.


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