Escarra – Kids Coral Plush Luxury Slippers

Escarra – Kids Coral Plush Luxury Slippers

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Kids Coral plush slipper with a nonslip, dotted sole. Multiple colors, embroidery, and printing are available. Labels and piping can be added. Packaging options include customized woven or plastic bags. Bring the luxury of world-class hotels to your guests with Escarra Signature Luxury Slippers. These ultra-soft, classy slippers are perfect for comfort and relaxation and will give your guests a feeling of luxurious refinement. Personalize your slippers with your logo with our embroidery and printing options. Made from the highest quality materials and featuring a nonslip, dotted sole, these slippers will surely be a favorite among your little guests!

Product Details

Introducing Our Kids Coral Plush Closed Toe Slippers: Experience the pinnacle of comfort and customization with our Kids Coral Plush Closed Toe Slippers. Crafted to perfection, these slippers offer a luxurious embrace for your feet, ensuring a tranquil and elegant experience. Key Features:

  • Customizable Size: Tailored to your exact needs, our Kids Coral Plush Slippers can be custom created in any size, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every guest.
  • Always In Stock: For your convenience, we offer a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) white slipper that is perpetually in stock and ready for immediate order fulfillment.
  • Bulk Quantity: Each case includes one hundred slippers, making them ideal for hotels and resorts looking to provide exceptional comfort to their guests.
  • Endless Color Possibilities: Personalize your guests’ experience by choosing from a spectrum of colors that match your brand or décor. Our slippers can be customized to any color of your liking.
  • Unlimited Design Options: Let your creativity shine. We welcome and accommodate intricate designs, logos, or branding elements, ensuring your slippers reflect your unique vision.

Our Kids Coral Plush Closed Toe Slippers are more than just footwear; they’re a statement of opulence and individuality. Elevate your guests’ stay by offering them the ultimate in comfort and personalization with our custom slippers.


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