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EGYM Smart Cardio enables your members and guests to continue their fitness journey on numerous connected 3rd-party cardio machines that fully integrate with our digital workout solutions.


Product Details

Your Personalised Cardio Experience

Gone are the days when your members ran on analog cardio machines at the same speed and incline over and over again without making any noticeable training progress. With EGYM Smart Cardio, they can expect personalised cardio training that is tailored to their individual goals and makes even small successes visible.

Cardio Training for All Target Groups

A personalised training experience with just a flick of the wrist. Thanks to the contactless login via the EGYM RFID chip, the cardio device knows the training goal and training plan of your members and thus automatically adjusts to the right parameters. As a result, they always train in a targeted and fun way based on their personal training plan. This ensures lasting success for your members and thus also for your health club.

EGYM User Interface

EGYM Smart Cardio inspires your members and trainers with the same intuitive user interface as the EGYM Smart Strength equipment. This makes it much easier for them to use and ensures a consistent, high-quality workout experience across your entire training space.

Regular Tests

EGYM Smart Cardio Partner machines automatically calculate individual cardio programs through regular interval endurance tests. This ensures that new training stimuli are always set and training plateaus are avoided.

Training Plans

From HIIT to watt-driven workouts, in addition to automated cardio workout plans, trainers can create personalised workout plans via the EGYM Trainer app and assign them to your members. The Smart Guidance

Connected EGYM Smart Cardio partner devices are seamlessly integrated with EGYM technology and guide members effectively and safely to their personal endurance goals.


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