Effa Toothbrush

Effa Toothbrush

Effa Toothbrush

Effa – The Cleanest and Fully Recyclable Hotel Amenities & Sustainable Hotel Toothbrushes

What is Effa toothbrush?

  • A toothbrush made of fast-renewable sugarcane paper;
  • The nylon bristles made of a castor oil-based compound;
  • A pair of toothpaste pills - another eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging;
  • Fully certified product for hygiene use;
  • Besides, Effa is just beautiful and can be branded with YOUR style and personalized for a more outstanding guest experience.

Whenever you use Effa, it is really easy to be recycled.
As the Body of Effa is made of paper and the Head is made of cornstarch and Nylon, you can easily separate the Head from the Body and throw them into different bins after being used.

Don’t be scared of the paper Body, it is made of fast-renewable sugar cane, so we do care about the Planet in each and every detail.

Product Details

The toothbrush comes in white colour.

Size: 170×12 mm

Weight: 8g

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