Ecotel Consultancy – Sustainable Hotel Renovation

Ecotel Consultancy – Sustainable Hotel Renovation

Ecotel Consultancy – Sustainability Consulting for Hotels / Eco Certification for Hotels / Sustainable Hospitality Advice

Renovating your hotel offers the perfect time for integrating sustainable solutions throughout all functional spaces as well as in the utiliy systems. Therefore, it is inherent to set the right goals starting from the planning phase to the procurement phase. Whether you want to make large structural changes or implement sustainability through acquiring new appliances, furniture and more. Ecotel Consultancy can help you with making key decisions, goal setting and guiding the selection of sustainable suppliers from our trusted network or (new) sustainable providers of your preference.

Product Details


  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Lower energy and water cost
  • Differentiate your hotel from competitors
  • Work towards green building certification (e.g. LEED)
  • Attain a passive design that minimize unwanted heat gain and loss

Sustainable Hotel Renovation Guidance includes:

  1. Intake talk to discover your expectations concerning the renovation (spaces, type of renovation, system renewal, etc.)
  2. Setting up goals in consultation with you
  3. Advice on sustainable opportunities, solutions and alternatives
  4. If preferred, connecting with sustainable suppliers or even complete guidance in selecting the suppliers that fit your needs best


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