Ecotel Consultancy – Food Waste Audit

Ecotel Consultancy – Food Waste Audit

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Reducing food waste is not only important for lowering your environmental footprint but also offers untapped potential for savings as every kg of wasted food and beverages is a cost dripping away from your revenue generated by serving your clients. Therefore, with our food waste audit we identify waste areas and evaluate possibilities for reducing this waste. Next to that, Ecotel also helps you discover local, biological and organic food and beverages that are useful for your hotel and can reduce your carbon footprint as well as enhance your reputation by offering these products to your clients. 

Product Details

Food Waste Audit includes:

  1. Identifying current food and beverage buying and utilization policy
  2. Identifying food (and beverage) waste streams through analysis and physical weighing food waste
  3. Evaluate new strategy for reducing the F&B waste
  4. Evaluate cost-efficient alternatives (bio, organic, local) to create a sustainable buying policy


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