Dorothy Fagan Fine Art – By the Sea Collection (Statement Paintings and Prints)

Dorothy Fagan Fine Art – By the Sea Collection (Statement Paintings and Prints)

Dorothy Fagan Fine Art – Hotel Original Art Lifestyle Paintings Gifts

Pearlescent blues and white evoke the shimmering sea   

Sunrise Sunset Sea & Sky painted in Vitality Colors uplift spirits, evoking peace and serenity. From Original statement paintings and fiber art ~ to original works on paper and fine art prints.  

Select from available inventory or talk to us about site-specific works.  


Product Details

  • Palette Knife Works impasto textured oil paint with carved linear detail
  • Oil Wash with Willow Charcoal Fusion thin veils of translucent color with charcoal calligraphic drawing
  • Fiber Art Collage on Paper pearlescent fabric paint with silk collage and linear drawings
  • Fine Art Prints on Paper or Canvas


  1. Splash Your Colors on the Sky, 51″ x 48″, palette knife oil painting, print available
  2. Summer Sanctuary, prints available
  3. Skies the Limit, 48″ x 66″, palette knife oil painting on canvas, prints available.
  4. Floating on a Dream, 40″ x 66″, original oil on canvas, (fiber art available)
  5. West Wind, fine art print
  6. Sparkling in the Light, fiber art collage on paper, 30″ x 22″, or print
  7. Smooth Sailing in the Heartland, oil on paper 22″ x 30″. or print
  8. Birthing Big Dreams, oil on paper, 22″ x 30″, or print
  9. Together We Light the Night, Breakers, original oil on canvas, 72″ x 72″ each, wall mural or print


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