Dispenser Amenities Inc. – AVIVA

Dispenser Amenities Inc. – AVIVA

Dispenser Amenities Inc. – Hotel Bathroom Dispensers / Guest Bathroom Dispensers / Sustainable Amenity Dispensers

Soft curves, elegant lines, stylish luxury. So simple it’s perfect

Enhance your Guest experience with the elegantly designed, sustainable, tamper-resistant AVIVA™ Dispenser for guest bath amenities.

Easy to Install - Our Dispensers install in minutes with double-faced tape and silicone mounting adhesive (included). No tools. No drilling. No wall damage.

Easy to Use - Just press the button and a pre-measured portion of liquid is dispensed. Precisely. Perfectly. Every push.

Tamper Resistant - Every shower Dispenser comes with a tamper-resistant lock. They can only be opened by housekeeping staff with a special key.

Sustainable Solution - Help eliminate billions of wasted plastic amenity bottles every year. Good for the environment and a cost savings to you

Superior Quality - AVIVA™ Dispensers use our patented pump system with a lifetime pump warranty. Two-year warranty on all components from manufacturing faults. All the parts are replaceable.

Guests Love It! - Guests love the convenience. No more fumbling with tiny bottles.

Product Details


  • Transparent Bottle with either Chrome / White / Satin Silver (with Chrome button) / Black
  • Satin Silver Bottle with Chrome finish
  • Solid White Bottle with White finish

Choose our standard self adhesive small white label design or customise with a full beautiful, vibrant labels to tell your brand’s story.

Product Specifications
Capacity – Each bottle is 295 ml or 10 fluid ounces

AVIVA One Chamber
89 mm W x 178 mm H x 63.5 mm D
3.5″ W x 7″ H x 2.5″ D
Weight: 280g / 0.60 lbs

AVIVA Two Chamber
184 mm W x 178 mm H x 63.5 mm D
7.25″ W x 7″ H x 2.5″ D
Weight: 450g /1 lb

AVIVA Three Chamber
288 mm W x 178 mm H x 63.5 mm D
11.34″ W x 7″ H x 2.5″ D
Weight: 560g / 1.25 lbs


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