Dimensione3 – Virtual Digital Signage

Dimensione3 – Virtual Digital Signage

Dimensione3 – Virtual tours with interaction and virtual signage

The virtual digital signage help the visitor to orient himself in the virtual tour and to perfectly identify the different rooms of the hotel.

Signage is an application created with Dimensione3 software integrated into the Matterport platform.

Product Details

Interactive virtual signage added on tour:
orientates the visitor in space
provides information
allows teleportation
enriches the experience of the visit

Navigation menu
By clicking on the menu panels, the visitor is teleported to the desired point.

Floating directions
Floating arrows indicate the direction and allow teleportation to the desired point.

Signs on the floor
Arrows, writings and symbols provide information on the route and location.

Interactive maps
A clear and simple view of the layout of all spaces, immediately accessible with a click.


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