Premium Gin for Hotels

Devils’ Row – Premium Dry Gin

Devils’ Row – Premium Dry Gin

Devils’ Row – Premium Gin for Hotels / Luxury Hotel Gin / Hotel Craft Gin

The Tree of Temptation is the tree from which Adam and Eve were warned not to eat the forbidden fruit (an apple). However, the serpent convinced Eve to eat from the tree, and she then convinced Adam to do the same. These were the original sinners.

Devils’ Row gin has been expertly crafted by combining 13 delicious botanicals including apple (the forbidden fruit), to create a delicate fresh taste and citrus aroma that is impossible to resist.

The result is a refined spirit with a complex and nuanced flavour profile.

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Devils’ Row gin is a premium dry gin with a devilishly delicious flavour like nothing else on the market. Our gin is bottled in a bold and elegant design, making it the perfect addition to any hotel bar. Experience the luxury of our gin and elevate your spirits.
Juniper Berries – Macedonia
Coriander – Bulgaria
Angelica Root – France
Orrisroot – Italy
Orange Peel – Spain
Lemon Peel – Spain
Grapefruit Peels – Spain
Liquorice – Italy
Cassia bark – China
Nutmeg – India
Cinnamon – Seychelles
24 Hour Steeped Cucumber
The Forbidden Fruit. – Apple
41.3% ABV – 20.6 Units – 50cl

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