Connected Kerb – The Chameleon EV Charger

Connected Kerb – The Chameleon EV Charger

Connected Kerb – EV Infrastructure Solutions / Hotel EV Charging Points / Hotel EVC Maintenance

The Chameleon is a bollard-style charging point, designed and manufactured in the UK and it is Connected Kerb’s on-street flagship product. It is one of the lowest impact and smallest dual charger solutions for public on-street charging in the market. It has a dual socket allowing two vehicles to be charged at the same time. Positioned at a convenient height, it is easily accessible for wheelchair users.  

The Chameleon is also smart-enabled, supporting future technologies such as 5G and air quality sensors. And our market-leading modular design, with the power and data connection “node box” installed underground, minimises the risk of damages and makes upgrades and maintenance easy without the need to excavate the ground multiple times.  

With a lifespan of up to 15 years, Chameleon is a perfect charging solution for commercial and residential developments as well as for any destination sites that provide on-street parking.  

Product Details

7.4 kW and 22kW – perfect for long-dwell charging (2 to 8 hours charging time) 

  • Reliable – 99.4% uptime. We don’t offer third-party products, all our products are designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK 
  • Convenient – easy to manage charging and pay with Connected Kerb mobile app or RFID card 
  • Efficient– dual socket allows two vehicles to be charged at the same time 
  • Smart – supports 5G connectivity and IoT technologies such as parking and air quality sensors 
  • Accessible – free of impediments to disabled EV users and positioned at a height suitable for wheelchairs.  
  • Future-proof – a modular design that allows easy future upgrades or repairs and reduces the need to evacuate the ground multiple times 
  • Sustainable – durable and robust design with high use of recyclable materials and recycled steel 
  • Advanced power & grid management our smart load management system ensures efficient charging without putting a strain on the grid 

Technical Specification  Charge speed: 7 kW – 22 kW with the ability to manage load balance across multiple chargers  Output current: 32 A  Socket: Type 2 universal socket  Material: Steel  Colour: Black  Connectivity: Subterranean charge point controller that connects to fast fibre 

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