Componendo – Vanity sink: Sette

Componendo – Vanity sink: Sette

Componendo – Stainless Steel Hotel Bathroom Furniture

Sette is the stainless steel console for modern, luxury bathrooms that takes its name from its peculiar shape resembling the number seven. In this model by Componendo, stainless steel and fine woods blend together to give a touch of refined brightness to the bathroom.

Product Details

Dimensions: 1669mm wide x 850mm high x 550mm deep – 2 Sinks

Dimensions: 1200mm wide x 850mm high x 550mm deep – 1 Sink

Glossy antitouch finish

Finish: antitouch glossy finish

Sink: THA welded (polished steel)

Doors finishes: canaletto walnut

Light oak

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Surface finishes: antitouch glossy

Sink: PUTI built-in (white corian)

Doors finishes: light oak

* all models can be customized on request

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