Componendo – Koks Washbasin

Componendo – Koks Washbasin

Componendo – Stainless Steel Hotel Bathroom Furniture


Wood and steel in a minimalist spirit

Koks combines the quality of wood and stainless steel into a minimal and elegant washbasin. Koks is functional because it’s equipped also with a small towel rack.
Koks is available with a glossy or satin finish and in combination with the finest woods, such as planed Slavonian oak, European maple and sipo mahogany.

Product Details

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 85mm high x 280mm deep

Material: stainless steel AISI 304
Finish: glossy or brushed – antitouch
Woods: slavonian oak planed, european maple, mahogany sipo

*all models can be customized on request

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