CLE Cosmetics – CCC Cream

CLE Cosmetics – CCC Cream

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Our Color Control & Change Cream (CCC Cream) is a multi-functional primer & foundation that does it all. Moisturizes for a dewy complexion and offers light yet buildable coverage. Protects with SPF.

CCC Cream uses Micro Capsule Technology, an effective technique to ensure the essence, tint and SPF 50 within the cream are released instantaneously. Upon application, the capsule will release essence and tint, providing hydration to the skin and flawless coverage.

Product Details

  • Micro Capsule Technology
  • Lightweight and satiny finish
  • Provides sheer yet buildable coverage
  • Free of all synthetic fragrances
  • Lightly scented using Bergamot (Furocoumarine-free), Orange, & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils
  • Available in 15 shades


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