Circularity – Apparel

Circularity – Apparel

Circularity – Sustainable Hotel Bedsheets / Linens for Hotels / Bespoke Hotel Towels

Getting dressed

We can dress your staff with profesional, comfortable and customizable apparel. Made from 100% circular yarn and made to last and recycable into new apparel. 

Product Details

Circular high quality apparel made to last The important job of your staff is to provide your guests with the best service and experience they have ever had. Being helpfull, professional and motivated 24/7 to fulfil all the needs of the guests. Walking around proud and professionnal in custom made apparel with your brand or logo on it will motivate your staff to give their best every single day. Comfortable and representive products such as shirts, blouses, aprons, poloshirts and vests made to last and made to be worn with comfort. Our products are made from 100%circular yarn in different compositions and colours. Before we produce the end product we test our quality with high standards to make sure that the end product will look and feel the same after wearing, washing and drying. Our products are customizable to your look and needs. With our system we will also take care of your old apparel. We will collect and recycle your old apparel into new products for you, 100% circular. Why choose for us?

  • Customizable to your needs
  • Closed loop system
  • Made to last
  • Comfortable
  • Professional
  • 100% circular

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