Christofle Silver Cutlery – Lincoln House

Christofle Silver Cutlery – Lincoln House

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Christofle is the ambassador for French dining culture since 1830. The legendary French silversmith enchants formal and informal occasions with the magical aura of silver. The motto of the house: “Made for sharing”.
Pioneering in its field, Christofle has helped shape the French “Arts de la Table”. The house was among the first to combine silverware, crystal and china to the ultimate expression of hospitality. A dressed table speaks – with silver cutlery by Christofle, its message becomes poetry.

Entertain your guests with Christofle cutlery that suits your style. Choose from first-class-quality stainless steel cutlery, silver pated cutlery and sterling silver cutlery. Many silverware patterns include large French style dinner cutlery, standard size cutlery, fish cutlery, dessert cutlery and serving cutlery.

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Highest Quality Silver Cutlery from the Silversmiths of Christofle

Precious materials, timeless elegance, iconic aesthetics: highest quality has always been the mission of the house, starting from its founder Charles Christofle. His values determine the style of Christofle to this day.

Christofle manufactures its cutlery in traditional handicraft. The knowledge of the craft of silversmithing is Christofle’s highest asset. Its artisans pass on their irreplaceable knowledge from generation to generation. Their living heritage is the source of Christofle’s elegance and excellence.

An ambassador of the French art of living, Christofle silver is at home in the world’s finest restaurants. Refined and charming, Christofle silverware blends into sophisticated room designs and illuminates them with the discreet brilliance of silver.

Christofle is a founding member of the renowned Comité Colbert.


A decorative piece with a compact shape, MOOD by Christofle is a streamlined, comtemporary and universal statement, in a silver-plated service for six. MOOD Collection brings to the table the promise of conviviality and moments to remember.


This collection takes its name from the French town of Albi. The clean, straight lines and single nave in the famous fortified Albi cathedral inspired the design. Albi barware and tableware collections are also available.


The “Château de Malmaison” near Paris was the favorite residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. The palm and lotus leaf frieze and the symmetry of the decoration are typical of the Empire style, which was largely inspired by Antiquity.

Discover the Malmaison collection, and its barware and tableware selections.


The alignment of beads in halfrelief is typical of Louis XVI ornamentation. This classic and feminine design outlines the contours of the flatware like a pearl necklace.


The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders studio, a great name in contemporary design. Baroque, the exuberance of its decor breaks with the characteristic refinement of the house.

Available in silver metal, partial or total gilding, in solid silver, partial gilding, or vermeil, the arabesques of these luxuriant pieces harmonize with porcelain and gold pieces from the same collection.


Marly is one of the most elaborately decorated patterns of the collection; the fine chasing of its asymmetrical plant motifs, typical of the “Rocaille” or Louis XV style, highlight the silversmith’s expertise and attention to detail.

Discover the Marly collection, and its barware selection.


The Christofle silversmith’s house revisits table practices with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle. The Christofle Studio has created Infini Christofle by rethinking each element of cutlery present in a traditional service to offer 15 quintessential pieces, including 2 pieces to serve.


Cluny is a great classic of French cutlery models inherited from the 18th century. It appeared in the first catalog of the Christofle house in 1862. Its current form, slightly redesigned by the Christofle studio in 1964, magnifies its sober but soft elegance.


Created in 1933 by the designer Luc Lanel, the America table cutlery collection is a typically Art Deco model. With its cut sides, its stepped molding and its drawn angles, the America model opts for a clean graphic line, characteristic of the architectural movements of this period.


 Imagined in 1985 by designer Bernard Yot, the Aria tableware collection gives the table a very personal touch, an air of enchantment.


Signed by Cardeilhac, the Commodore cutlery collection is a collection with a sleek, timeless look. Art Deco style, it presents both pure lines and large and generous volumes. A decor of rushes highlights its fair proportions and balances its composition.


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