Buzz Products – Turndown, VIP & Gifting Items

Buzz Products – Turndown, VIP & Gifting Items

Buzz Products – Hotel Wellness Products / Hotel VIP Gifting / Hotel Spa Amenities

A carefully curated edit of desirable items can evoke a sense of surprise and delight for your most important guests. Create unique and inspiring experiences to enhance your guests’ stay with the Buzz Turndown, Gifting & Wellness collection, designed with our signature craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Items available in Edition Voyage

Product Details

Turndown, Gifting & Wellness Collection includes Overnight Facial Mask 10 mL Tube, Cooling Foot & Leg Gel 10 mL Tube, Facial Treatment Mask 1 sheet, Relaxing Pulse Point Oil 5 mL, Sleep Mist 7 mL, Pillow & Linen Mist 7 mL, Shower Steamer

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