Wildsmith Skin – natural, clinically proven skin care

Wildsmith Skin – natural, clinically proven skin care

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Wildsmith Skin is a British brand of clinically proven, natural skincare, uncompromisingly committed to proven efficacy, biodynamic farming and sustainable packaging. Everything you need for the perfect SPA feeling, not only in your hotel SPA.

Radical Botany - Powered by Plants, measured by Science:

A blend of plant-derived and nutrient-rich botanicals, powered with the latest bioactives. Rigorous laboratory clinical trials on both ingredients and formulations. It is formulated for people demanding natural products with evidence-based results. Created on the Heckfield Estate, Hampshire, England, for the Bothy, our Wildsmith Spa.

Inspired by Wildsmith's trees

Trees are the foundation of Wildsmith Skin's philosophy: the way they carry nutrients, adapt, heal, grow and connect guides the creation of their natural high-performance skin and body care range.

Made by many

Scientists, Scrutinists, Skin Experts, Perfumers, Horticulturaists work together with their hands, minds and ideas to produce the Wildsmith collections.  They start to grow the ingredients for their treatments under biodynamic principles that observe the rhythms and cycles of the earth, soon, moon, stars and planets. Detailed astronomical information show the optimal time for sowing, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting and using biodynamic preparations.

Sustainable materials:

Wildsmith Skin is one of the first luxury beauty brands to use British-grown compostable mycelium packaging, fully compostable in 90 days. Its glass and aluminium packaging can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality. Most of the aluminium was mined in the 18th century and is one of the most recycled materials on earth. These are used for Hand Wash, Lotion and refill bottles.

Wildsmith wellness:

Wildsmith is not only offering natural, sustainable products but has a complete wellness philosophy that includes: RADICAL BOTANY TREATMENTS, MINDFUL MOVEMENT, FOOD AS MEDICINE, EDUCATION

Our team of world-class practitioners have created a framework of treatment principles. We enable therapists to become aligned to their guest’s well-being and create intuitive treatments with the best possible results  for a complete approach to skin health. A potent combination of scientific and botanical formulations, world class practitioners and technical skills culminate in traditional and advanced facial and body treatments.

Product Details

Our product range consists of more than 25 single products, sets and refills for face and body. The products are perfect as hotel guest amenities, bathroom products, spa & wellness supplies as well as for retail. Face and body treatments can be offered with Wildsmith Skin as a full wellness concept. Please ask for the full catalouge. Skincare/Amenities available Wildsmith offers cleanser, polisher, exfoliating products and masks, serums and creams. All products are delivered in beautiful recyclable glass vessels in full or travel sizes. Body & Sustainable gifts The body range includes hand wash, hand lotion, body serum & oils and different sets for gifting or retail. The hand wash & lotion is available in the sustainable aluminium bottles with refill or in the precious English stoneware collection together with a beautiful scented candle. Wildsmith wellness: For more information about the Radical Botany face or body treatments, please ask our expert.


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