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Bloom Outdoor Collection – ANTARES UMBRELLA

Bloom Outdoor Collection – ANTARES UMBRELLA

Bloom Outdoor – Luxury Outdoor Hotel Furniture / Hotel Lounging Furniture

Our ANTARES parasol easily combines practicality and beauty. It comes in a variety of coloured fabrics, allowing you to find the perfect match for your furniture. The ANTARES parasol stands are height-adjustable and can come with either a granite base plate or a ground spike. We also offer a 2-year warranty on all our parasols. Parasol with aluminium frame - 3x3m in diameter 140° horizontal swivel motion / 360° rotatable

Product Details

Maximum Beaufort force: Force 4-5 = 20-38km/h*

*Our rule of thumb is: when you can no longer sit outside comfortably, it’s time to close the parasol. The wind forces described are purely indicative, due to the ideal conditions of the wind tunnel tests as indicated, no rights can be derived from the values. Always judge the wind force yourself; when in doubt, it is best to close the parasol. We advise you to never leave the parasol unattended for a longer period of time in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

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