BHS Tabletop – Schönwald – Delight & Vibes

BHS Tabletop – Schönwald – Delight & Vibes

BHS Tabletop – Bauscher & Schönwald – Durable Hotel Tableware / Innovative Tableware Solutions for Hotels / Premium Porcelain Tableware

A thin, elegant hard porcelain that is completely free of lead, cadmium or animal components - does that exist? Yes, Noble China combines these components and scores with its BoneWhite color. DELIGHT owes its incredible yet resilient fineness to this material. The wide selection of rim and coupe plates makes DELIGHT just as suitable for fine dining as it is for banquets. 

The noble porcelain VIBES made of innovative Noble China captivates with its fine, raised embossment. It catches the light and emphasizes the natural white color of the tableware. The slightly offset, radially arranged rod embossment creates an interplay of light and shadow that invites you to touch it. This is also how the slogan "Can You Feel It?" of this collection can be explained. The trendy porcelain with embossment can be complemented to the articles of DELIGHT.


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