BHS Tabletop – Playground – ReNew

BHS Tabletop – Playground – ReNew

BHS Tabletop – Playground & HEART&SOUL – Eco-Friendly Dinnerware / Disposable Hotel Tableware / Chinaware Products for Hotels

ReNew is an innovative collection made of recycled ceramics (Eco-Gres®). Made from clay and enriched with 90% recycled material, it achieves complete sustainability. The ceramic tableware is unglazed on the outside, giving it a matte brown finish in the color of the clay. Small bowls, dishes and bowls are additionally available with a fine texture, which is highlighted by white color depending on the choice of tableware. All mugs, plates and bowls are glazed in white or taupe on the inside to guarantee hygiene and prevent discoloration here. 

Product Details

17 items in different colors,

colors: white-taupe, taupe


  • Plate flat round coupe 22 cm, 28 cm
  • Plate deep round coupe 20 cm, 26 cm
  • Plate special 17cm
  • Platter oval coupe 19×11 cm, 30×18 cm, 35×15 cm
  • Bowls* 9 cm / 0.10 l, 14 cm / 0.32 l, 17 cm / 0.70 l, 21 cm / 1.15 l
  • Mugs & Saucer 0,10L & saucer 11cm, 0.28L saucer 14 cm, mug 0,3l & saucer 14 cm

* bowls available in plain and structure

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