BHS Tabletop – HEART & SOUL – Perfect Match

BHS Tabletop – HEART & SOUL – Perfect Match

BHS Tabletop – Playground & HEART&SOUL – Eco-Friendly Dinnerware / Disposable Hotel Tableware / Chinaware Products for Hotels

See, fall in love, inspire – PERFECT MATCH offers trendy chinaware for the food service industry with a unique look and feel. Vitrified china for vibrant table settings and various food styles, from regional to fine dining.

Product Details

The handmade optic also adds a warm flair to urban interior styles. Reactive glazes in green, brown and blue tones create special effects and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. A casual setting for simple and sophisticated culinary creations. The 25 items are available in five colors that can be combined with one another.

Available colors: cumin, breeze, thyme, oyster, avocado


  • Plate flat coupe 15 cm, 21 cm, 27 cm, 30 cm
  • Plate flat high rim 21 cm, 27 cm
  • Plate deep coupe 23 cm, 28 cm
  • Plate deep round high rim 21 cm, 24 cm
  • Platter oval coupe 25×19 cm, 31×24 cm, 36×28 cm
  • Dip dish 8 cm/0.06 l
  • Bowl 10 cm/0.25 l, 14 cm/0.60 l, 19 cm/0.80 l, 23 cm/1.50 l
  • Cups & saucer 0.08l & saucer 12 cm, Cup 0.21 l & saucer round 14 cm, cup 0.34 l & saucer round 16 cm, Mug 0,25 l

Overview: Vitrified China for a perfect food presentation | BHS-Tabletop


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