BHS Tabletop – Bauscher – Country House

BHS Tabletop – Bauscher – Country House

BHS Tabletop – Bauscher & Schönwald – Durable Hotel Tableware / Innovative Tableware Solutions for Hotels / Premium Porcelain Tableware

COUNTRY HOUSE combines quality porcelain with authentic craftsmanship and offers a durable tableware in ceramic look. As if fresh from the potter's wheel, COUNTRY HOUSE is characterized by its turning grooves and colored glaze, which through the different intensity, underlines the look of ceramic tableware. Compared to its ceramic counterpart, hard porcelain is unbreakable and the glaze is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, which makes COUNTRY HOUSE with these properties a particularly durable and therefore sustainable collection. 

Product Details

The glaze colors SEA and GRAY are the same as in the collection SCOPE GLOW. Therefore, the articles can be combined without any limitation.

Glaze colors: SEA, GRAY, SAND

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