Beau Nuage – Automatic Umbrella

Beau Nuage – Automatic Umbrella

Beau Nuage – Umbrellas for Hotels / Luxury Eco Friendly Umbrellas / Bespoke Hotel Umbrellas

This is a small personalised umbrella with a rubber handle and an automatic opening. The rubber handle allows for a comfortable grip. The automatic opening is straightforward and easy for clients and guests. 

Product Details

Frame: This umbrella opens automatically with the push of a button and closes manually. Its canopy has a a diameter of 21 inches, making this one of our smaller umbrellas.

Handle: The handle is a rubber handle without logo.

Canopy: The canopy can have either a 190T waterproof coating or 200T rPET coating. T refers to the thread count. Our eco-friendly fabric, rPET, has a higher thread count of 200. Our standard fabric, Pongee, has a thread count of 190.

Printing & design: We will print an exact replica of your logo on the umbrella.

Cover: There is no standard cover for this umbrella but we can personalise one for you, as seen in the photos on this profile.


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