Arkay – Blister Cards

Arkay – Blister Cards

Arkay – Bespoke Hotel Packaging

Blister cards are produced as two-panel or three-panel structures and include a formed plastic piece to display and protect the product.  Arkay also applies the coating required for sealing the cards into the finished package.  Additionally, Arkay works with partner suppliers to provide the blister material to complete the package.

Product Details

Similar to Arkay’s folding cartons, blister cards are produced through a multi-step process beginning with the in-depth design process with our New York team where we custom design the size, graphics, and materials to meet specific product needs.  Manufacturing is at our Roanoke, VA facility beginning with the sheet-fed offset printing process.  As with cartons, blister cards can be produced with multiple premium decoration techniques including in-line cold foil and multiple coatings.  The decoration options also include off-line hot foil stamping and registered embossing.  Arkay prints a backside blister coating to seal the card into the finished product.

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