Airdri Group – SteraSpace 20

Airdri Group – SteraSpace 20

Airdri Group – Hotel Hand Dryers / Hotel Air Sanitisers

The SteraSpace 20 air & surface sanitisers were specifically designed for continuously occupied enclosed spaces. Featuring shorter profiles and completely silent operation, the SteraSpace 20 models are best suited for smaller enclosed spaces such as hotel rooms, meeting rooms, shops, cafes, places of worship and breakrooms.

Product Details

The unit works by combining advanced technologies to emit a flow of disinfecting plasma that’s proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms.

The plasma provides 24/7 protection by eliminating airborne and surface micro-organisms using a combination of 4 internal and transmitted technologies.

Choose from two units, the SteraSpace 20 PSA10 which covers areas of up to 10msq and the PSA20 which covers areas up to 20sqm.

The SteraSpace 20 RRP is £375 excl. VAT.

SteraSpace technology has been tested in UK laboratories, we will be happy to share full efficacy data and relevant case studies on request.

Collection: Air & Surface Sanitisers

Type: Public space sanitiser


(10) 185mm wide x 285mm high x 95mm deep

(20) 185mm wide x 345mm high x 95mm deep

Colours: Silver


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