Airdri Group – Quazar Eco Hand Dryer

Airdri Group – Quazar Eco Hand Dryer

Airdri Group – Hotel Hand Dryers / Hotel Air Sanitisers

The Airdri Quazar is the most socially inclusive hand dryer on the market. Its ultra-slim profile ensures that it complies with the American’s with Disabilities Act, and it also one of the quietest dryer in the Airdri range. It is an ideal choice for medium to high traffic environments such as airports where space and sound levels are an important consideration. The Quazar sits in the eco range as it runs on just 1 kw of power, costing just £50 per year to run.

Product Details

Collection: ECO hand dryer

Type: Energy efficient hand dryer

Dimensions: 258mm wide x 350mm high x 100mm deep

Colours: White, black or chrome



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