1988 Cultivating Spaces – The Sphere (Beige)

1988 Cultivating Spaces – The Sphere (Beige)

1988 Cultivating Spaces – Hotel Accent Furniture / Luxury Hotel Wall Art / Hotel Ceramic Ornaments

Wooden beige table with three sphere legs.

The Sphere Table gets its inspiration from the beauty of solid geometry. At once futuristic and timeless, the spherical legs create a sense of allure and emphasize abstraction over functionality due to their celestial symbolism.

Product Details

Ø 80 x H 30 cm

100% wood (top – beech, spheres – lime)

Please note that wood may be subject to color variations due to some types of artificial lights or UV rays such as sunlight. Generally, lighter woods tend to become darker with age and darker woods fade. This is a natural process and it’s not a defect of the material.

In case of fluids spill, they should be removed immediately, using a paper tissue or a dry cotton cloth, if necessary a damp cloth can also be used. If the surface feels dry and rough to the touch, oiling the surface is recommended. With general use of the furniture, this becomes apparent over time. The treatment should be applied with an impregnated cloth.

Avoid using detergents, as they seal the stain in and make subsequent repairs more difficult. Avoid using rubbing cream or scrubbing pads, as they may scratch the surface.


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